8 Signs You Hired a Bad Lawyer For Your Car Accident Case

Going through a car accident is always an unpleasant experience. You are going through a stressful moment, and it’s totally okay not to be able to think straight and make sober decisions. Even if you feel this is not the case with you it may be just your adrenaline making you feel like you have everything under control. It is strongly advised, in situations like this to try your best and stick to the awareness that if you do not act in the right way, you may end up with a thicker end.

It’s exactly why personal injury lawyers are your best option. Being aware such professionals exist may just save you from losing your settlement when the unpleasant moment is over. However, not every lawyer is skillful enough to guarantee your settlement will be in your best interest. Unfortunately, some are just aiming for more clients and profit. Good ratings are something they do not care about. So, how can you know if the one you chose to hire is the right one? We have gathered 8 signs that will tell you if you have made a huge mistake by hiring your lawyer, or not. Keep reading the rest of the article, and assess your situation through these 8 points.

1. A “not-so-impressive” track record

As you probably know, every lawyer can defend your case in court, but some are better in certain areas than others. This is because they have specialized in different areas, making their success in cases these areas fall under, quite high. Even though some may be cheaper than others, going for the specialized ones like those found on https://www.foryourrights.com/boca-raton/car-accident-attorney/, will guarantee more success. So, be sure to check what is the track record of your desired lawyer, before you decide to work with him. If his track record with the injury cases is not good, simply avoid hiring him.

2. He’s not handling communication well

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Communication is the key to success, especially with cases like these. If you feel like you haven’t been communicating well enough, it’s a sign you’ve hired the wrong person. How can you know? Simple, if he’s not replying to your e-mails in a timely manner if he’s not answering your calls, or questions you may have about the case, it’s a sign the communication is not going well. Or, if you have some questions about your case he fails to answer in a way that is understandable to you, it’s a sign you should find a new one.

3. Hazy billing

The way you are being charged for your services can tell you a lot about who you’re dealing with. If you sense the office is trying to avoid billing certain services, there’s something fishy about how they work. You have every right to ask for a bill for each service they want to charge you for, plus you are entitled to an explanation if something feels like it’s been charged too much.

However, good lawyers do tend to be a little more expensive than others. But they also tend to be very professional when it comes to billing. You should have a clear overview of everything you’re being charged for.

4. No passion for the profession

What you want in a good lawyer is the passion he has for justice in general, but in this case in making your personal injury settlement successful. Helping you get what you actually deserve. This sound clear, but you should know it’s not always the case, as some simply don’t have enough enthusiasm for the work they do. They also lack logic and conviction which are two of the most important values successful lawyers have.

This can be easily recognized by the way they talk to you. If they make you feel like you’re in safe hands, and you have the chance in getting the most out of your case, then you’ve chosen well. If not, continue searching.

5. Zero empathy

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Let’s not be delusional, everyone lives out of the work they do, including layers. They don’t eat passion. But there’s one more important element they need to have if they are considered good at what they do. It’s empathy. Knowing how your client actually feels. Having someone who is cold, and doesn’t care about how a client feels, is the wrong lawyer.

6. Unprofessional behavior

Lawyers, as per their profession, should be all about ethics. Emphasis on should. By ethical we mean there shouldn’t be anything illegal in the way he works, and acts around his clients. What we strongly advise you to do in cases you encounter someone who has illegal behavior is report him to the authorities, and by all means, do not cooperate with such a person.

7. No respect

By this we mean the respect he enjoys from people he works with, or in other words his colleagues. The way they interact with him, and the way he interacts with them can tell you if it’s a person of respect, or someone not worthy. This applies to all spheres of his work, both the office and the courtroom. It can also be found out easily by talking to other people or colleagues who he has interacted with.

8. No reviews about his work

Today, every piece of information can be double-checked online, and lawyers do have web pages and are present on social media. People who they worked with leave feedback and reviews. However, if you cannot find any, it’s a signal you may have started working with someone who doesn’t have enough expertise in the field. Find a new one.

These eight signs should tell you all about what kind of lawyer you’re dealing with. Stick to them every time you’re in need of one, and you’ll ensure your personal injury settlement will be a successful one. Although you may feel like it’s a lot of work, still, assessing who you work with is important.