Bring the Campaign To Your Community


Be A Scald Prevention Educator

  • Organize a community event on Scald Prevention.


  • Speak at a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting.


  • Engage other groups like firefighters, medical professionals and health educators to join your effort.


  • Talk with local pre-school teachers.


  • Visit a senior residence and educate the staff.


  • Ask your local city council to pass a resolution on Scald Prevention.


Scald Prevention Toolkit

The tools below can be used in their current form or you can modify them to meet your needs. Please feel free to add your organizational logo on any of the materials.


Easy to Use Social Media/Web Resources

Use your personal or organizations’ social media sites and web page to expand the campaign’s reach to a wider audience. The tools below offer multimedia materials to help educate the community and tell our story. In the links below we offer two ways to embed the videos—- 1) download our videos and upload load them to your site or social media channel, 2) use the YouTube Embed code provide. Based upon our understanding of social media algorithms, you will get greater reach of the material if you choose option one.


Press Outreach Tools

The sample press release can be localized to your community. Just fill in the blanks, put it on your letterhead and send it to local reporters at newspapers, radio stations and television stations in your community. The sample Guest Op-Ed can be sent to your local newspaper’s editorial department.


Public Services Announcements

Contact the local public service directors at your TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers and educate them on this new effort to prevent scald burns. Let them know you are looking for media organizations to help spread the word and that you have a number of tools that they can use to help in this important public health education effort.