20 Best Fortetropintm in 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

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Q: What is Fortetropin®?

A: A true disruptor, Fortetropin® is clinically proven to build muscle mass and strength, improve recovery, and prevent atrophy. Fortetropin® is a functional food and a single ingredient that performs like a drug. Powerful in its simplicity, Fortetropin® is natural, safe, and abundantly available.

Q: Does Fortetropin increase lean body mass in young men?

A: Background: Fortetropin is a proteo-lipid complex made from fertilized egg yolk and, in young men, has been shown to increase lean body mass.

Q: How many pouches are in a box of Fortetropin?

A: BUILT FOR THE GYM: Each box of YOLKED Supplement contains 30 individual pouches of vanilla flavored Fortetropin, so you get a month of pocket-sized powder ready for your gym bag.