How to Properly Structure a College Essay – 2023 Guide

People say that the easiest way to learn is through mistakes. This is one of the easiest methods to guide you through life. It works too simply, by starting to do something by making mistakes we learn what to avoid in the future and what actions to repeat to be better at what we do. Eventually, we come to a satisfactory result that would make us proud because we have invested too much time and a huge amount of effort.

Humans are creatures that learn to do new things throughout their lives, and as the years go by we get better and better at personal and professional experiences. The best period for learning is in the younger years, ie in the period when we are students. We must admit that this is perhaps the most difficult period in our lives when in a short time we have to learn something new to acquire skills that will further help us find a good job and achieve our goals.


Student days are perhaps one of the most stressful times for these generations, a time when we are focused on making choices about what we would do later in life for a living. Enormous pressure is being put on these people because the selection time is short and the options are too many. Then come essays, tests, late-night learning, and so on. Ah yes, essays, cause goosebumps in each of the students, and not the good ones. If you are currently living a student life, then you are in the right place, because we have prepared for you a small guide on how to structure your essay in the right and easiest way. So stay with us until the very end and take notes.

Each essay is made up of three parts, and you must be very careful and include all three parts for the essay to be perfect. Primarily at the beginning, we meet in the introductory part where we give information about the topic, ie the problem we will write about. This part should be short and in as few words as possible to describe what we will write about later. Next comes the main part, where your task is to focus on the main topic, the question of the essay given to you. In this part, it is extremely important to be focused on the main topic and not deviate from it. Finally, of course, comes the final part, ie the summing up of everything previously written and the conclusion from it all.

Are there rules when writing essays?


In most cases, of course, there are rules when it comes to the number of words that make up an essay, the topic, and the time limit. But when you construct the text, everything else is left to you, to your vocabulary and imagination. Sometimes it seems that the beginning is the hardest part that we need too much time to create, but we have some tips on how to create your perfect essay faster and better. Our best advice is to start with the main part and leave the beginning for later. Just be careful. Leave enough space on the blank pages to have enough space to insert the introductory part later. Your goal is to focus on the main part, ie the topic on which the essay is given to you. Once you have created the main part, you have completed most of the work, leaving the easiest part for the end, the summary text, and the beginning. If you start practicing essay construction like this, you will notice that this way you will complete the task faster and you will be extremely satisfied with the result.

Sometimes it can happen to you for a moment, to be distracted from what you are focused on and simply get lost and not know what to do next. We have a solution for this problem as well. Before you start writing, pause all your thoughts and concentrate on the topic. Try to make a small map according to which you will be guided further. Write down the main guidelines for further writing. This way you will know how far you have come in creating the essay and what you need to do next. All you have to do is follow the map you created. It can happen to any of us that we lack the inspiration to create the perfect essay. In such moments it is best to seek help from a friend or someone who could help us with the problem. Our recommendation is to immediately seek help from a person who will help you professionally to complete this task. If you also need such help, we recommend that you do not waste valuable time and immediately go to studybay which is the logical solution to this problem.


In the end, you are left with only the final paragraph that you need to create in which you will summarize the conclusion you have reached on the topic of the essay. But you have to be extremely careful because this part is the final one with which you have to finish the text. It should be short, concise, and have a point that you have reached. Under no circumstances should you try to expand this section beyond what is necessary. A few sentences are enough for it to be done.

I hope you have followed our tips and this little guide to creating the perfect essay. If you think that these tips will not help you with this intention, then do not hesitate and immediately visit the link we left you above in the text.

Each of us has gone through this period in which you are now, and we can freely tell you that although you think this is the most difficult period of student life, at the same time it is one of the best and most beautiful moments in life. Finally, we can only tell you to try not to expose yourself to too much stress, because there is an appropriate solution for every problem, and today we presented how to solve the problem with the essays and their construction. We wish you good luck in the rest of your student days and to score the best possible results.