How to Write a Killer Personal Statement Without Any Mistakes? 

Writing a personal statement without any mistakes is extremely crucial in order to get admission to your favourite university. These are application essays that provide you with the opportunity to prove why you are a good fit to apply for a particular course at their university. Ensure that your essay displays your desire to know more about the chosen course.

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These application essays are a game-changer that can stand you out against other students. Hence, you have to consider a lot of things while writing them. In this article, you will get insights into some effective tips that will help you to write an excellent personal statement without any mistakes.

Tips to write an error-free personal statement

1. Look out for spelling and grammatical errors


Many students struggle at writing their personal statement without spelling and grammatical errors. These errors can be a distraction and create a bad impression on the reader. To avoid spelling and grammatical errors in your essay you must read it multiple times before submitting it to the university.

You can also take help from your parents or teachers by asking them to proofread and look for any errors that you might have skipped. There are a few websites that offer tools that allow you to check for any spelling and grammatical errors.

2. Avoid long and complex sentences

Another common mistake most students make while writing their personal statements is writing long and complex sentences. Long sentences often sound unpleasing and boring, so try to keep your sentences short. Try to break down your essay into small paragraphs and short sentences.

Furthermore, you should also avoid complex sentences or words. Complex sentences are hard to read and understand and there is a possibility the reader may fail to understand the actual meaning of your essay. Hence, keep your sentences short and simple.

3. Keep it concise and enthralling

It is extremely crucial to ensure that your personal statement is concise and enthralling. It must show your desire and curiosity about the subject and why you are a perfect fit for their university. The goal is to write everything about yourself, not about your family or friends.

You can look into some samples of application essays that you will find easily on the internet. But ensure that yours is unique, and doesn’t include the same old repeated sentences and unnecessary clichés.

4. Adhere to the word limit


Always adhere to the word limit while writing a personal statement. Writing pointless stories will not help you in getting admission into a university. Plan the important points you want to include in your essay and then write your personal statement surrounding those points. Check the word limit once you have finished writing your essay and edit it accordingly to keep it within the word limit.

5. Don’t discuss topics out of context

Avoid writing about topics that are not relevant or out of context. Ensure each piece of information relates directly back to something you said earlier in your essay. This will help you to maintain the flow of your essay and will help you to skip irrelevant topics.

Focus on the important points that will help the reader why you are applying to their university and why it is so essential for your personal growth and future plans.

6. Avoid fake boasting of your experience and achievements

All your experience and achievements in your essay must be true and verifiable to avoid any confusion in the future. Boasting about your fake experiences and achievements while writing a personal statement might sound suspicious and unreal especially if you don’t know what you are writing about.

It is important that everything you write in your personal statement is true and also it should sound real enough so as not to raise suspicion or doubt. Hence, avoid embellishing too much and keep it simple and concise.

7. Plan the topics you want to cover


When you are writing your personal statement ensure that you have planned out the relevant topics that you want to cover. Write down all the topics that you think are most important about your application. This will help ensure that you don’t forget anything.

These can include why you chose this university, what makes you a good fit for their program, your curiosity and dedication to the subject, your past achievements, and how this program will help in your personal growth and future plans. Cover all the reasons that would make them want to select you.

8. Plan how you want to start and conclude

The beginning and conclusion of your personal statement are also important if you want to create a good impression from the beginning to the end. Take your time to plan the introduction and conclusion of your essay and ensure to maintain the flow while writing about the other topics.

Try starting with an introduction that gives an overview of who you are and why you are applying for the program. Then end with a conclusion that summarizes what your personal statement is all about and why the admissions committee should accept your application.

The Bottom-line

There is no definite way to write a personal statement. Ensure that it’s unique, appealing and free from any errors. This is an essential part of the application process, so aim at making your essay flawless by keeping it concise and enthralling.

There are several students who struggle with writing application essays. This is a major disadvantage when you are trying to get admission into top-notch universities. Follow these tips while writing your application essays to increase your chances of getting into your favourite university.