In-Home Aged Care vs Residential Aged Care

It is important to consider these options on time and make the right choice that will make it easier for both you and your family. The fact is that seniors will require assistance and proper care after they reach certain age. Depending on circumstances, they can choose to stay at home, and get a partial assistance of professionals, or go to specialized facility when they can be provided with assistance all the time.

Many people would rather stay at home in old age, so they can remain in contact with their family. However, it can be a problem if they require special attention and care. Also, we have to mention an excellent solution for those who want to stay at home, which is hiring a professional assistance that will visit them at home every day. You can learn more about this option at

On the other side, going to the special facility also brings many benefits, especially in terms of medical treatment and monitoring. In case the senior lives alone at home, and if his family cannot spend a lot of time taking care about that person, the best solution is residential care. Here are the main differences between these two options.

Main Features of Home Care


The main advantage is that people can stay at home and keep their contact with family, friends, and neighbors. A lot of older people are having a problem when they need to go to some facility, and one of the main reasons is that they fear that they will lose contact with a lot of people.

However, if you don’t have any serious health issues, and you are able to take care of yourself, there is a great solution that you can choose as a senior, which is home care. Medical assistance will visit you at your home.

There are improved versions of this option where even people with more serious conditions can stay at home without any issues, and the medical assistance will be provided to them in the same way as when they are in some facility. Still, you have to know that it can be more complicated for people with certain disabilities and certain requirements that requires constant attention and assistance. In that case, residential care might be a much better solution.

Main Features of Residential Care


This option is very popular for a long time. When people reach a certain age and lose the ability to take proper care of themselves, it can be an issue for people around them to monitor them all the time. Also, some conditions like dementia, disabilities, and serious health issues that requires constant assistance can be an issue if a person decided to stay at home at old age. Going to special facility is a much better option in that case.

One of the main advantages is related to full support and constant monitoring. That is especially important if there are people with special needs. Also, even though a lot of them think that they will be lonely if they go there, it can be an even better choice for them to socialize with other people of same age.

What Are the Key Differences?


The first thing that we have to mention is related to professional support. While it is possible to choose to stay at home and receive medical help every day, it is much easier and safer when you are surrounded by experts who can help you at any moment.

Also, there won’t be any need to struggle even with the basic daily things like preparing breakfast, washing laundry, cleaning, and more. The right moment to consider going to the residential care is when you notice that even simple daily things are now difficult.

Besides that, if you live alone, it can be a mistake if you think that you will socialize more if you choose to stay at home. Keep in mind that your family and friends might not have enough time to visit you every day. On the other side, you can meet a lot of people of same age, and with similar interests, which can make your time at residential much more interesting.

When it comes to the price, a much cheaper solution is to stay at home and receive partial assistance. Still, financial details should never be the key reason for making a choice. The best option is to start saving on time so you can make the right decision according to your needs and preferences.

How To Make the Right Choice?


It depends on various factors. For example, if you live in home with your family and you can play around with grandchildren, take care of your pet, and move freely without any issues, the best option is to choose a home care. The great thing is that now even those with more serious conditions can make this choice since medical assistance will visit them every day.

On the other side, there are issues like physical disabilities, dementia, and other problems that requires constant attention, and making a choice to stay at home while having similar problems can create issues for both you and your family.

Also, there is no reason to fear that you will lose contact with your friends and family if you go the residential. These modern centers allow visitors, and you can use your phone to stay in contact with them every day.

The Bottom Line

The mental and physical conditions are the most important factors to consider when making a choice between these two options. If you start forgetting things more often, but you have a condition that requires taking medication several times a day, or you have issues with moving around the house, there is no need to struggle and create issues for your family.

Instead of that, it will be much easier to go to special facility and enjoy getting professional care all the time. Therefore, the solution is quite simple, those with serious health issues should choose the facility, while people who can still move around and take care of themselves will benefit more from the first option.