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Q: Will the indigi G4 phone tablet work with my GSM carrier?

A: 4G LTE GSM Unlocked: The inDigi G4 Phone Tablet works with any GSM Carriers in the US to access the 4G LTE Network. The device is capable of operating on 4G & 3G Networks.

Q: What are the specifications of indigi 4G LTE GSM 7-inch tablet?

A: Quad-Core CPU & 2GB RAM, 16GB ONBOARD: inDigi 4G LTE GSM 7-inch Tablet features a Quad-Core CPU & 2GB RAM, 16GB Hard Drive expandable up to a MAXIMUM of 512GB.

Q: What is the camera of indigi G4 7-inch tablet?

A: inDigi G4 7-inch Tablet comes with a 5MP rear-facing camera for taking photos or shooting video. The 2MP front-facing camera is great for Selfie and Skype calls with friends and family. Loading…

Q: How much storage does the indigi 7-inch phablet have?

A: inDigi 4G LTE 7-inch Tablet comes with an expandable MicroSD slot for a maximum of 512GB! That’s up to half a terabyte of storage for photos, videos, apps, music, and games. Slim and Portable: The inDigi 7-inch Phablet is a beautifully designed tablet with a slim body and aluminum back.