5 Benefits of Interactive Displays for Remote Teaching

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed our lives in more ways than we can count. One of the biggest changes humanity has suffered is that many people are forced to work remotely. It is not a new concept, but a majority of people didn’t experience it before the global pandemic.

But we’re not just talking about work, we are also talking about education. Schools have also gone remotely. Sure, there were numerous online courses, but the whole system going online was quite a challenge. Thankfully, practically all governments managed to pull it off.

Alongside this transformation, a need for even more modern technology has sparked as a result of this change. One of these is certainly the introduction of interactive displays. If you want to take a look at some of them, visit www.prometheanworld.com. Now, let’s see the benefits of using these devices.

1. Active Learning

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We all know that there are people who learn better by focusing on audio than video, and vice versa. However, even students who don’t rely on visuals too much will certainly appreciate the option to see clear and bright images on the screen. Add the concept of interactivity to that, and you have a win-win situation.

For a long time, this was possible only in classrooms. However, modern technology has made it possible for remote students to have a way to participate in these lessons. The combination of these elements leads to something known as active learning, which boosts the student’s ability to learn.

Just think about it, all the images and videos will be significantly more vivid than was the case with older technologies. Both children and adult students have a chance to take much direct participation in adopting all this new knowledge. Without a doubt, we can see that this is one of the biggest benefits.

2. Innovative Software and Apps

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These days, interactive displays are accompanied by a wide array of different innovative apps and software. With the implementation of these, it is possible to enhance the learning process, far more than just making it more interesting. As you can presume, this increases the possibilities significantly.

For instance, it is possible to share far more file formats with students. We are talking about images, videos, presentations, and documents in just a couple of seconds. All of them can be downloaded to the device students are using. That way, they can go through the material as many times as they want.

One of the possibilities that stand out is the option to include dual language support. It is important for foreign students. You will be happy to know that these include all the most widespread languages in the world, like Spanish, German, Italian, French, Indian, Chinese, etc.

3. Videoconferencing

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Different from in-person interactive displays, those that are used for remote learning include video conferencing tools. These tools can run on all the major platforms out there, like macOS, Windows, and Linux. Also, you can use them on all the devices you want, even smartphones.

Plus, these displays include high-quality microphones that will provide the users with clean audio, alongside the high-quality video. Some of them can use up to eight microphones, which makes them competent enough for this aim. They are so strong that teachers don’t have to have a mic near them.

These video conferencing tools can help with sharing both video and audio with a certain number of students. Still, this number depends on the advancement of the system school has opted for. Naturally, this decision should be made by taking the school’s capacity and ability into consideration.

4. Synchronization with Cloud Tech

One of the most important benefits we want to address is the ability of interactive displays to synchronize themselves with cloud technology. We cannot stress enough how significant this aspect is. Both students and teachers can share various files to increase the ability to communicate and collaborate.

Thankfully, this is possible even when the participants are not on the site itself. When we’re talking about the cloud drives you can synchronize your displays with, we don’t need it is necessary to look beside the most popular options out there, like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. They are competent enough to fulfill all your needs.

Besides that, students can share their notes, which ups the collaboration. Also, they can access the reference documents and assigned lessons significantly easier than before. Therefore, we are talking about the synchronization that takes the collaboration to the highest possible level, which is always a good thing to implement in these cases.

5. Ease of Use

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Last but not least, we want to address the most obvious benefit of interactive displays for remote teaching. We are talking about it being easy to use. Those who have experienced this sort of education know that this is a smooth end-user experience, both for the students and teachers in the same capacity.

For instance, students don’t need to worry about being able to see the writings made by teachers. Not so long ago, this was a major problem that needed addressing by the development teams. Thankfully, this sort of frustration on the behalf of students is eliminated through this implementation. Not to mention that users can perform several functions at once.

For instance, they have a chance to draw, annotate, and write simultaneously. Not only that it preserves time, but it also helps them to adopt new knowledge much faster than ever before. Also, a teacher doesn’t need to focus on fixing any readability problems. In fact, these mistakes can be erased instantly and replaced with something new.

The Bottom Line

Interactive displays have become quite a hot topic these days for obvious reasons. Implementing this technology has become a must for all the schools out there that want to focus on remote teaching. Thankfully, technology is much more accessible now than ever before.

We can even say that the age of this technology has just started and that it has a bright future. Here, you can see all the major benefits of implementing it. We’re sure you will find this insight useful.