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Q: How old is Jani Schofield from born schizophrenic?

A: Jani Schofield, aged 18, appears in the documentary Born Schizophrenic to talk about her struggle with the condition. Jani is one of the youngest girls ever to be treated for schizophrenia. When Jani was younger, she used to see realistic hallucinations of animals and little children.

Q: Did Jani Schofield turn 18&return to her mom?

A: Last week rumors circulated that Jani Schofield turned 18 & returned to her mom Susan – who lost custody of her kids last yr. At this point, there is no evidence to support this “leak.

Q: Did Susan Schofield exaggerate her children’s hallucinations?

A: Additionally, they discussed that several of the hallucinations were animals that only Jani could see. During the Dr. Phil episode, the world saw for the first time that Susan Schofield might be exaggerating her children’s symptoms.

Q: What happened to Susan Schofield from the bachelorette?

A: The source said that Susan has not consented to a psychological evaluation and does not believe she did anything wrong. The turn of events is shocking, considering the family’s claim to fame was Jani’s diagnosis of schizophrenia. Susan Schofield sold her story to millions of people through reality television, interviews, and a book.