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Q: What are Lancashire cheese bombs?

A: Visitors from the South have been sampling and buying the cheese bombs to take home and share with family and friends so they can experience the sensational Shorrock’s hand made Lancashire Bombs. The Lancashire Bombs are matured over two years creating a very creamy and full flavoured taste and texture.

Q: Who invented the Lancashire Bomb?

A: Only Lancashire cheeses were allowed to enter this competition. Andrew has since been the original creator of the Lancashire Bomb, having originally made the first bomb as a leaving gift over 25 years ago for a friend emigrating to America. This was the start of this amazing product.

Q: What is the best Lancashire cheese?

A: This is our classic, famous, Lancashire Bomb, wonderful creamy cheese presented in our traditional black wax. It can be enjoyed on its own or is superb with some fruit and/or a good red wine. Red onion bomb A real classic the red onion is great on crackers or melted to make perfect toasties – one for all the family.

Q: What is the vintage gold cheese bomb?

A: The Vintage Gold Cheese Bomb is handmade by the Shorrock family in the little village of Goosnargh which is snuggled quietly in the heart of Lancashire. Over 3 years matured it expoldes into full bodied flavours.