8 Things You Should Know Before Getting Cornrows

Exploring new hairstyles is always good, but sometimes, if we don’t prepare our locks, the new style can do far more damage to our hair than we are ready for. Cornrows are one of the most popular styles nowadays, and if you have been looking into getting these braids, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are going to list some things that you should know before getting cornrows.

1. Know when it’s time to get them

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The number one thing that you need to do is know when is the right time to get this style. Sometimes, our hairs may be too damaged, or our locks may be too brittle. If you’ve noticed any problems with your curls, or if you have bleached them recently, this may not be the best time to get this style. On the same note, sometimes we do treatments that are supposed to rejuvenate our locks, but after those treatments, we are not supposed to do anything that could pull on the hair or damage it. Talk to your stylist about any treatments you’ve had and if they can be paired with boxing braids.

2. Protect your hair

You should protect your hair all the time, not just before any big change or style. Nevertheless, if you have not been doing that before this, now is the right time to start with the practice. You need to use the right comb to untangle it, you need to know which products to use before and after washing, and you should also take care of your hair while you sleep. You should never pull on it too hard and you should never put it in a too tight bun. If possible, use a silk scarf or similar product to protect your locks while you sleep, and know that just after a month, you will see a huge difference.

3. Use the right products

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There are a lot of products on today’s market that are going to rejuvenate your hair, prevent dandruff, and get back the moisture in it, but just because a product is recommended to be that, it does not mean that it is going to work for you or for this hairstyle. You need to look for goods that are going to help your specific type of locks, and you need to opt for brands that know how to keep the integrity of the hair. More often than not, it is better to rely on professional help, and it is better to invest in brands that are trustworthy, respected, and have a lot of satisfied customers.

4. Research your stylist

In today’s market, there are hundreds of places where you can get any hairstyle done. This is a good thing, but it can also be a bad one. Note that people who don’t know how to braid this style properly may end up putting too much pressure on your locks, and your hairs may get damaged right from the roots. Because of this, you need to do proper research about your area, and you should never go to just any stylist that you find on Google. You can check out Hera Beauty if you are looking for the best hair salon in Singapore when it comes to creating simple and complex styles without risking any damage to your curls.

5. Talk to the hairdresser

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Once you’ve found the best hairdresser for you who is certified and experienced in creating cornrows you need to talk to them. Ultimately, they will tell you what is best for you depending on the type of hair you have. Some people may need to put extra care to their hair before they get the boxer braids while others can book an appointment as soon as possible. In some cases, your stylist may recommend for you wait for a couple of weeks, or they may tell you about a special product that you can use to bring back the integrity of your locks before braiding them.

6. Do night treatments

Another thing you can do to prepare for the appointment is to do night treatments. As you already know, there are masks and leave-in conditioners that you can use right after or during your shower, but you can also apply the product before you go to bed. You can use keratin or Olaplex treatments and you can then braid your hair loosely before you go to sleep to make sure there is no frizz or damage. Some of these products need to be washed right after you get up, while others can stay in your curls until the next wash.

7. Always moisturize

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The best way to ensure that your locks will not get damaged by the cornrows is to make sure that your hair is moisturized before the appointment. This does not mean that you should do it just right before the treatment, and you should start hydrating your curls at least a few weeks before you get the style done. You can do this with different products, masks, and conditioners, and you should try to steer away from any heat including irons and hair dryers at least a week before you style it.

8. Give your hair a break

Remember that you need to give your hair a break before you choose to do anything to it. If you color it too much or if you bleach it right before you get the boxer braids, your locks are far more likely to get damaged over time. This does not mean that you should steer away from doing any styling, but make sure you protect your curls before the braiding. If possible, try not to color or at least bleach the hair for a month before the appointment, and follow your stylist’s recommendations.

Keep all these things in mind and remember that the integrity of your hair is the most important thing. You can postpone this style if your curls are damaged or too dry, and it is always better to wait than to push for a style that will cause long-term damage. Talk to your stylist about your options and always trust them. Use products that are going to help you keep your locks strong and know that you can make the boxer braids last much longer if you prepare properly and if you do the right things while having them.