How to Tell Good from Bad China Sourcing Agents – 2023 Guide 

Have you ever heard about the gold fever? Even though the chances you have not, are minor, we shall point out the significance of the phenomenon. Namely, back in the days, people from all over the world ventured to the wild West to try their luck with harvesting the allegedly omnipresent gold nuggets. The same concept revolves around sourcing products from China.

In a nutshell, the merch is there waiting for you to pick it up, but only if you do your business via a mediator. The aforementioned brings us to the conclusion that some sourcing agents are worth your time while the others perform a lousy job. Thus, we invite you to read our 2023 guide and determine how to tell good from bad China sourcing agents.

The Language Barrier

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Regardless of whether you want to do business or casually chat with someone, you should be aware that the quality of communication depends on mutual understanding. Thus, the most important thing to establish when picking your sourcing agent is whether you understand each other and to what extent.

The rest of the tip should be self-explanatory since committing to cooperation with someone who cannot interpret your business goals would be ludicrous. Thus, before you agree on anything, make sure you understand your potential associate and vice versa. Otherwise, expect the unexpected.

The Commission

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The point of sourcing products from China is to make money in the long run, after you re-sell the merch that arrives at a favorable price. Now, working without a mediator might be a profitable method to increase the earnings, but it would be hard to get your hands on the goods without previous experience with similar deals.

Thus, the role of the sourcing agent is crucial. Naturally, they will not end their part of the bargain for free. What we suggest you aim your thoughts to is assessing the market and trying to reach out to the most adequate persona you can find. Even though the aforementioned is easier said than done, we should provide you with what to consider before hiring a peculiar individual.

Namely, some sourcing agents charge for their services by asking for a strict figure, while others work on commission. Thus, you should do your homework and select the most appropriate package that suits your business’s wants and needs. Beware of potentially hidden expenses, and ask for the cost projection up front. If your potential associate tends to avoid discussing the details, make sure you pass them on and continue your search elsewhere.

The Availability

The success rate of any type of remote operation is conditioned by the quality of communication between the person who pulls the strings and their mediator. In a nutshell, if you only hear from your sourcing agent now and then, the chances you will be in a position to draw forehand business moves would be minor.

On the other hand, chatting with your source frequently might be superfluous and could potentiate additional expenses. Thus, we advise you to establish the communication agenda with your potential sourcing agent before you agree on cooperation. Timing is everything, so make sure you underline its importance when you start negotiating and check this for additional info on finding exactly the right sourcing agent for your remote venture.

The Customs

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Not every merch is created equal, at least in the eyes of the customs. Thus, make sure your potential associate has information on the goods you intend on buying. Even though buying in bundles might be good for the budget, you would achieve nothing if you would have to wait for an eternity for the goods to pass the customs.

Additionally, your sourcing agent should provide a piece of advice on the legality of the goods you intend on importing from China. On one hand, it should be your job to ask around whether the merch meets your home country’s standards, but on the other, a good sourcing agent should warn you about potential issues depending on what you want to buy and in what quantities.

Paying a bit extra for the transit of peculiar goods might seem unnecessary, but make sure you assess the option and figure out whether this type of investment should pay off in the long run.

The Experience

Regardless of what field of the vast market you want to be a part of, we urge you to consider the competence of your potential sourcing agent from China. To make a long story short, the services of a professional sourcing agent cost significantly more than that of a novice. Thus, if you want to play safe the most optimal thing to do is to hire an experienced individual. Surely, the point of sourcing is to earn something, therefore, do your homework and figure out whether this type of investment is logical.

The high price tag does not guarantee success, thus, we propose you do your best to harvest info on the so-far performance of the individual in question. Checking out the reviews and comments on their previous work might be a good place to commence your search.

Quality Control

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Mass production does not focus on quality, at least not to the extent the western world would appreciate. Thus, both you and the intermediate you hire should know what merch to demand from the sourcing manufacturer. Considering you would be handling your part of the job remotely; the sourcing agent must take care of the quality inspection and deal with potential issues on the go.

The sourcing agent is your representative and should attend to a range of responsibilities vital for the whole process to succeed. If they do not want to make that type of commitment, make sure you continue your search elsewhere.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you separate the best from the rest and establish a long-term relationship with a reliable sourcing agent. The market is huge, so make sure you take it easy and carefully plan your next step. If you follow the steps mentioned above, your job should be incomparably easier.