8 Rarest World of Warcraft Mounts and How to Get Them

World of Warcraft is one of the most famous games among players. Achieving more points and experiencing new adventures is the fun part of this game. In this article, we will be sharing the rarest mounts of the WoW game that every player wants to achieve. These are some of the crucial mounts that you cannot miss. Let us have a look at these rarest mounts one by one:
White riding camel:

It is nothing new that rewards from the WoW Trading Card Games are interesting and rare. White riding camels are claimed by just 1% of players. This mount was launched in patch 4.3 as a potential prize from the expansion called Tomb of the Forgotten. The model unfortunately isn’t exceptional, as there are different camels achievable via in-game means. Fortunately, assuming that you’re gold-wealthy in WoW, you can buy this off of the Auction House. Players who exchange their code to Landro Longshot if they want to get these mounts.

1. Amani Dragonhawk:

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Amani Dragonhawk is one more rare mount in World of Warcraft. It is important for the Dragonhawk pack. All things considered, you can say that it is one of the most outstanding looking Dragonhawk in the entire bundle. We know that obtaining a Dragonhawk mount is a basic undertaking.

You simply need to follow and complete the tasks alloted and the Dragonhawk is yours. In any case, getting this extraordinary Amani Dragonhawk is very difficult. We can also say that it is nearly impossible to get. This rarest mount was launched in 2011 in WoW. In the beginning, it was a part of the expansion – Twilight of the Dragon. However, these days you can find in the set of three products.

2. Risen Mare:

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One more uncommon mount in WoW that is achievable in the present day is potentially the Risen Mare.

Despite the fact that there are no precise measurements, it is assessed that just 2% of all records have figured out how to get the Risen Mare. Plan wise, the Risen Mare looks practically indistinguishable from the Forsaken Horse mounts. But this mount doesn’t contain a saddle unlike the forsaken horses.

To acquire the Risen Mare, you should do loads of Island Expeditions Scenarios. Island Expeditions are exceptional 3-player situations that were presented in Battle For Azeroth. Each week there are new rescue boxes that you can buy from your prizes. You should be watching out for the Havenswood Salvage box which can be bought in Boralus and Dazar’alor. If you are interested in obtaining these rare mounts, you should consider visiting https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-mounts

3. Swift Zhevra:

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The Swift Zhevra was one of the prizes given to players who partook in the first Recruit A Friend promotion. To get this mount is at this point not possible because of new rewards being carried out. Despite the fact that we don’t know of the specific numbers, many individuals participated in the promotion. However, the reason behind why the Swift Zhevra is so uncommon is that the other prizes offered were unbiasedly more helpful.

Different mounts offered incorporated the Heart of the Nightwing and the X-53 Touring Rocket, both of them were two-man flying mounts. Team oriented mounts were very interesting at the time when they were released. The other two mounts were something like single-player flying mounts. But the Zhevra is only for the ground.

4. Feldrake:

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Presented during MoP, this flying mount is an uncommon sight in WoW, without a doubt. The Feldrake is likewise an essential part in the expansion of War of the Ancients. Obviously, you will undoubtedly feel like a boss in the event that you have this drake. Besides the fact that it looks extraordinary, it’s possessed by only 2% of the total WoW players.

5. Silent Glider:

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It’s no big surprise that Silent Glider is a rare mount as it has a drop rate of only 0.58%. In any case, who would rather not ride around on a bad-to-the-bone spikey dream game manta ray? Also, did we specify it additionally flies greatly through the air? To get this rare mount, players have to take down rare Soundless.

These foes just drop loot one time each day, making the drudgery an outrageous test in persistence, however a commendable one once players can flaunt this wonderful ride.

6. Black nightsaber:

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Dark Nightsaber is quite possibly the earliest mount in World of Warcraft. It was released in the main variant of WoW and the players could easily achieve it after reaching the level 60. If there is sufficient gold available in your account subsequent to arriving at level 60, getting these mounts was not a troublesome undertaking.

The reason why Dark Nightsaber is uncommon is that it was taken out from the list of purchasable products after the version 1.4 of the game came into the market. Be that as it may, a redesigned form of this Nightsaber was released later and the individuals who already had it were given the choice to upgrade it.

7. White Stallion:

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At the point when WoW was launched 2004, the legendary racial mounts that we all know about today didn’t exist. Shielded variants of the mounts were released in Patch 1.4. Players were permitted to exchange their now-hopeless unarmored mounts for the latest versions. Palomino and White Stallion were both accessible in pre-patch 1.4. Both of these were wonderful horses that are owned by no one these days.

To Sum Up

If you are a fan of WoW, you must be willing to achieve various rare mounts available in the game. It is something very adventurous and every player must try getting these rare mounts. Some of the rarest WoW mounts include Feldrake, Swift Zhevra, White Stallion, Risen Mare, and White riding camel. Check out the above points to know about them in detail.