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Q: What processors can I get to fit a Socket 939?

A: The socket is primarily used with Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2 and Athlon FX microprocessors. AMD also manufactured uni-processor single and dual-core Opteron processors for the socket 939, although these processors were just re-branded Athlon 64/64 X2 CPUs with larger level 2 cache.

Q: What is the best processor for Socket 939?

A: KillaFx. Whats the fastest,most reliable processor out on the market today for socket 939. … wolfram. The fastest CPU for socket 939 is the Athlon 64 FX 60. … KillaFx. ok Thank you,i appreciate this. … wolfram. The FX57,actually,in some games it beats the dual-core FX60. MetalX. … beef_jerky4104. … KillaFx. … MetalX. … KillaFx. … SNGX1275. …

Q: Is Socket 939 and AM2 the same?

A: The AM2 processors match their Socket 939 counterparts for the most part, but AM2 is faster once matrix sizes grow large enough to spill over into main memory. Note how main memory comes into play sooner for the processors with a smaller 512K L2 cache.

Q: What is 939 divided by 6?

A: Well, 800 divided by 2, you should do in your head. This is 800, divided that by 2, and you’re going to get 4 hundreds. 4 tens divided by 2 is going to be 2 tens or 20. 800s divided by 2 is 4 hundreds. 4 tens divided by 2 is 2 tens. Then, 6 divided by 2 is 3. You are left with 400 plus 20 plus 3, which of course is equal to 400 and 23.